We are A community of friendship| of acceptance| beyond belief

A secular community focused on providing a social network, support, and friendship. It is a place for people to come together and celebrate the human experience.

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A Little About Who We Are

Oasis is a community that meets regularly to create a place for freethinkers to celebrate the human experience. Each week we gather to discuss real-world principles that can help make our world a better place.

Our weekly gatherings are based on curiosity and supported by evidence and inquiry. If you are an independent thinker who wants to feel connected to others who care about improving the world around us, we hope you’ll reach out and join the community.

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Common Questions

Why do Oasis communities meet on Sunday mornings?
In our culture, the Sunday morning time slot tends to be the least scheduled portion of the week. Since our goal is to build multi-generational community, Sunday morning simply works best for most families.

What is the attire?
We wouldn’t be a freethinking community if we didn’t say anything goes! Wear whatever makes you comfortable. This is a non-judgmental environment.

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